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1900 Pictorials

The 1900 pictorial issue was on 7 March, using some of the 1898 designs, but with different colours and sizes. In December 1900, a new stamp was issued to commemorate the departure of New Zealand troops going to the South African "Boer" War.

No.JuryS.G.F.ValDescriptionUH MintMintF.UsedUsed
01 67 342 1/2d Green. Mount Cook 20.00 10.00 0.50
02682981dRed. Terraces90.0040.003.00
03693011 1/2dBrown. Boer War100.0050.0040.00
04703032dPurple. Mt Pembroke45.0022.503.00
05723626dRed. Kiwi125.0075.0016.00

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