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Welcome to

If this is your first visit to this new version of the website, please see "Using this Site" above for some tips, and for help on getting around on the site.

Otherwise please continue on, by selecting from the menu's above, or those at the left.

If you want the Stamp Forums, you can go there directly form your Web Browser by using the address.. But we do like you popping in here.

We apologise for the lack of content on this new website. It's been more of a problem than we thought, but bear with us please. We should soon have all the helpful guides and stuff back on again, and as you will see by looking around, it will be much improved and far easier to use than the old system. We'll be concentrating on getting the New Zealand section added first, so most of our 'for sale' items have been removed for now. Email us and ask if desperate for something not listed.
Several other countries have been listed, so we can see how the layout looks, but are, as marked, empty for now. They might be so for a while.

And thanks for the many suggestions users. We are looking at them with interest, and incorporating some already, as you might see.

It took us some 20 odd years to get the old site looking the way we wanted, despite the limitations of the systems back then, and now we are doing it all over again. Ouch !
Sorry, but It's gonna take some time.