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StampCat for Windows

This popular computer program for stamp collectors is now into version 2.01, with a new version under way to provide a few minor fixes and some improvements as suggested by users. Thanks users.
We use the program ourselves of course, but other users often try out different and sometimes weird and unusual ways of doing things, as a result finding out some problems we didn't see ourselves.

A Beta (testing) copy of the new full version will be made available to our regular testers shortly, while a trial version of the current version will be available on this site soon. Naturally this will have certain functions disabled. Ie: no printout, search, or grand totals capability. You'll need to buy the full version to all get that.

Note that the original DOS versions of the program are now not supported, since after all these years they are practically error free, and everyone now uses the new versions with the graphics capability for stamp pictures. If anyone is still using the DOS versions, please let us know.

For StampCat registered users...
StampCat Versions 2.01 and higher only.

A new updated database of stamp pictures is in progress. You simply copy this into the folder called Pics. Run the StampCat program, click on the programs picture area, then select from the list of stamps to display. The stamp pictures are listed the same as our website Catalog numbers, all naming remaining the same, so older pictures will be replaced by any newer versions, leaving any others (and your own added ones) untouched.

Recently updated price lists are also available direct from us. On request this will be emailed to you as a file attachment. Remember to tell us which countrys list(s) you need. Like the pictures files, these will just 'drop-in' to work, replacing the older files. At next startup, all stamps will show the new catalog values, with your whole collection recalculated to show the new total and grand-total values. You might be surprised at the increase in value of some countries stamps.

You will need to provide us with your registration code to obtain these update files. What? You lost your code? Well don't panic. We can tell you how to find it. Just Email us and explain.