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Content: (also known as WorldStamps NZ) is run by a New Zealand based stamp collector who wishes to fill gaps in, and to dispose of extras from, his worldwide lifetime stamp collection.

He is also the writer of the well known and popular "StampCat" computer program for stamp collectors. Originally running on DOS, the program is now into version 2.01 for Windows. The latest full version will be available for purchase on this site later, along with a Demo free trial version.

This stamp site has been operating in some form since the early days of the first "home" computers. Originally it ran as part of a "dial-up" BBS (Bulletin Board) under DOS. Now set up as an Internet Website, it is slowly becoming fully operational. Slowly, due to time constraints, health, and getting to grips with this new software and achieving the desired layout.
Our apologies to anyone wishing to still use the old site. Sorry, but it got 'hacked' and corrupted, so it's gone for good. However, as you can see, we are making progress on this one. Slow progress, sorry.
Listings are being added daily as time permits, but It's a huge job.

Also available later will be a few NZ Phonecards, postcards, and a mainly asian business card collection.

Yes, we do still use our old website and business name, but of course it now redirects you here, to this new website.
So yes, we are still 'WorldStamps NZ', however it seems another NZ stamp website started up a few years back, and is also using the Worldstamps name. Apparently they didn't check to see if the name was already in use. We only found out recently, and it was far too late by then to do anything about it. But since it could be very confusing to internet users, we simply changed to using our Web address name,
Hopefully that will avoid any problems, although if you do a search on the internet you'll find there are actually hundreds of very similar names in use around the world.

If you need to contact us, you can....

Write to us at - UsedStamps, 76 Polson St, Wanganui 4501, New Zealand.

Email us by clicking - Here .

By Phone or Fax - 06 344 6142 (computer answered only. Leave a message.)

by Cellphone/Mobile - 027 2644 399 to speak direct.

Overseas callers... add 64 to the beginning.

Eg: 64 6 3446142 - 64 27 2644399

Please remember the World Time Zones and that people may be sleeping.