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Using this Site

Above is the Website menu. Use this to get about the various areas of the Website.

To the left is the 'Contents and Products' menu. You will be probably be using this a lot.

Just 'click' on the item you want, or in the case of stamps, click the country name you want. You might then need to click further menus to bring up more selections. (Later we may need to branch the menu's further, otherwise the listings will disappear off the bottom of the screen, making it awkward to get to the ones you want.)

Using Search is the easy way to find something quickly. For example, searching for 10c will bring up a listing all areas containing 10c stamps. Just select from those listed, rather than spending hours looking page by page.

We use our own very simplified catalog and listing system. It's intended to be helpful, rather than too technical. (If you need expert or technical help, look in the 'Other Sites' pages, or ask on the Forums.)

We don't split our listings into seperate Health, Official, Christmas, etc. Instead, all listings are done ...
Firstly - by the year of issue. Eg: 1892.
Second - by the date of issue in that year - if known.
Then - by the face value of the item.

So an 1892 1d red stamp will appear in our listings as... an 1892 stamp.
If it was the first stamp issued that year, it will be shown as an 1892 01
The second stamp issued that year will be 1892 02, etc. Sometimes a higher value stamp will appear before a lower value, because it was issued earlier.
If the date of issue is unknown, the value will be used. Lowest value first.

Varieties within an issue may have added tags. Eg: 1892 01a, 1892 01b etc.

You might also see an -S after an item we have for sale. Eg: 1892 01-S2. This shows that we are selling Stock item No.2, so we have at least that number available in stock, and the one you are looking at is item 2, the one you will get if you wish to buy.

Now while we have tried our best to list everything by "Year of Issue" there may be some mis-placed or missing items. Please let us know if you see anything out-of-order anywhere.

Page Listings.

At the top of a page listing you will see a picture of the stamp, or group of stamps. Provided a picture is available of course.

Below the picture, we try to provide some brief details of the item, or items, in this category. Where we have better pictures, or further details available, you can click on the picture or link to open a new page of further information.

Below the brief details should be a recent price list, where available.
Like everything on this site, this is for guidance only, and prices shown here are in NZ dollars based on various dealers Catalog values. These prices can change at any time, so they give an indication only of what you might expect to pay for top quality items.
Actual prices charged by different dealers can vary greatly, and will depend mostly on the availability and condition of the item offered.

Below all the above will be listed any items we are offering for sale. Our 'For Sale' items have an 'Add to Basket' button nearby.

Where an item is 'for sale' you can also click that items picture to bring up more details, further pictures, or a larger view.

Our own 'for sale' stamps are in various conditions, so we try to base the asking price on that condition. You can buy at our asking price (usually well below listed catalog price,) or you are welcome to Email us and offer what you feel is an appropriate price, based on the picture, description etc. We might - or might not - accept your offer.
You can also ask us for a high resolution enlarged picture of anything of reasonable value, but a small fee applies.

Unless stated otherwise, only stamps of high value or special interest have been individually scanned and listed. For low value and common bulk varieties, a sample image only will be shown.

Due to the costs involved in handling, sorting, packing, postage etc we have a minimum sale value of $5. (See also "Payments & Delivery")

If you are using this site to price your collection, or to get an estimated value for selling something, remember that the prices shown here are maximum prices, for top quality items. A dealer would pay only about 25% of this at most when buying anything.

You can Email us HERE if you have any questions or problems, but remember, we are just keen fellow collectors, not experts. Try using the Stamp Forums where expert types often drop in.