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1891 Life Ins.

These postage stamps which were issued on 2nd January 1891 and featured a lighthouse design, as did all future Government Life issues. The letters V R are in the background of these early stamps, which were designed by W B Hudson and J F Rogers, engraved by A E Cousins. Printed by the Government Printing Office, Wellington, stamps were 22mm x 20mm, 240 stamps per sheet, in 4 panes of 60 using Typography Surface printing on De La Rue or Cowan paper, both with a NZ and star watermark.
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No.JuryS.G.F.ValDescriptionUH MintMintF.UsedUsed
01 L1 1/2d Purple 350.00 200.00 9.50
02 L2 1d Blue 275.00 135.00 7.50
03 L3 2d Chestnut 500.00 250.00 10.00
04 L4 3d Brown 1,800.00 1,100.00 95.00
05 L5 6d Green 2,200.00 1,100.00 255.00
06 L6 1/- Rose 4,000.00 1,800.00 500.00

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